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MiniTool Photo RecoveryQuick, easy solution for media file disaster recovery. On downloading the software, you will be greeted with a page that looks like the image below. As you install it in your Windows, you will be able to find a blue bar in the middle of the screen that looks like the picture below. Press “Win + R” to bring up Run box, then type regedit, click OK.

  • HP notebooks and desktops, for personal and business use, will be available with Windows 11 preinstalled starting later this year.
  • This will enable users to check if their PCs meet Windows 11 system requirements.
  • Starting with version 22H2, Windows 11 includes new changes for the SMS compression algorithm so that if compression is requested, the file will always try to compress during a network transfer.

Click on “Virus & Threat Protection” and choose “Manage Settings” from the menu. Windows Defender can be easily turned off and it won’t take more than a few minutes. In case the simple methods aren’t working out for you, we’ve listed the more in-depth ways how you can turn off Windows Defender on your computer. In the main “Windows Defender” window, click the “Settings” button in the top right of the window. A popup says I need an app to launch this feature, the query on the app store finds nothing. Microsoft Defender is now permanently turned off.

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I have to do forced shutdown everyday because of sudden hang. Right click is horrible and have to click multiple times. It is time consuming without that option if we work multiple window. I do not know what is wrong with that option for Microsoft. Feedback hub has more 11K vote to re enable this option.

The statement was not suggesting that Android cannot run 32-bit apps, but that it cannot run Win32 apps, ergo cannot run Windows apps. Therefore, an Android tablet is nothing like a Windows PC. Thank you. Microsoft has announced that starting the week of June 28 it begin to share an early build of Windows 11 to the Windows Insider Program. Microsoft has also introduced ARM64EC, a new application binary interface that increases the performance of apps to native speed while being interoperable with x64 apps. Essentially, this allows developers to compile bits of their app for ARM, increasing performance while still emulating the rest of it. This is good for developers who can’t completely recompile their app for ARM natively.

The biggest change to Windows 11 comes down to the way it looks and feels. Microsoft Journal will now come pinned by default on the “Pen” menu. If you don’t have the app installed, it will be installed from the Microsoft Store if chosen on the Pen menu. The Windows startup sound will no longer play after the computer reboots automatically to apply updates.

How To Take Screenshot On Windows 10

Our complete guides to taking a screenshot on Windows PCs are linked below. Here are the top ways to take a screenshot on a Windows PC. Taking a screenshot is a necessary functionality on computers and phones today. However, taking a screenshot on a computer can be a bit more complicated than on a phone. To help you out with that, we’ve made this guide to take a screenshot on Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Mac computers. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors.

With these Windows 11 features, users can organize windows and optimize screen real estate for a cleaner visual layout. Users can create and customize separate Desktops for each part of their life—like one for work and one for personal use. To download the Windows 11 ISO file, navigate to the Windows Insider Preview Downloads page and sign in with your account. Interestingly, Microsoft has also added a feature that allows you to fully customize the gestures you can perform on the your Touchpad, which I’ve absolutely loved. You can set your Trackpad to do things like a three finger swipe up to maximize an app window, or a four finger swipe to the left to snap an app in snap assist. It’s really cool, and all the different options gives it the flexibility to fit almost anyone’s workflow.

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