Top 5 Free Website Traffic Generator 2022 / Free Visitor

In this video, I will show you how to get free traffic to your website or blog From 5 Free websites that get millions of views every month. All the methods are free of cost, and you don’t need to provide any credit card details. Please watch this full video to know about all the websites or read this article.

How To Get Free Traffic From 5 Free Websites! Traffic Bomber Method (2022)

Check this full tutorial video to use this traffic safely. Website Full Tutorila Video:


In this list, Sigmatraffic is number 5. Sigmatraffic has both free and paid packages for your website. By using the free package you can get 6 thousand hits per month.

Now you have one question, is Adsense and other PPC Programs safe from this traffic? well, My answer is Yes. It’s safe for pay-per-click programs because they avoid clicking on ads. In the case of AdSense, they won’t even load ads so by default you will not see any impressions there.

You can create your free account in a simple method and add your free demo project and get your traffic in a few minutes. For a full tutorial video, You can check the video on my channel. You will get that link in the description of this video.


Traffic Ape is in the fourth number of this list. It is also very easy to use and is one of my favorite traffic sources. They claim that they will provide us with Real visitors, real page views, and Real clicks. But if your website participates in any Pay per click programs like Adsense I will not suggest you use this type of traffic to click on your Ads. This will make you lose your Adsense account.

To get free traffic from traffic ape click on this signup button and create your free account and login into the dashboard. I had an insert full tutorial video link on the description of this video so check how to use this traffic ape safely. And after login into their dashboard add your URL and start exchanging traffic. You can get as much as traffic that you want. First, you need to earn traffic by using the traffic given then after you will start receiving traffic from others.

This will be the real traffic just like you visit others’ websites, they will visit your website from the real person. Or we can say this is a traffic exchange.

Traffic Creator

Traffic Creator is one of the best online marketing companies that specialize in providing their customers with high-quality social media engagement and website visits. You can get 6000 page views per month in a trial. you will get the option to choose a specific location. You can get this free nano credit and get 6000 page views by 2000 visitors. It means one individual will visit your website 3 times. This website is also simple to use like other traffic generator websites. You just have to create your free account and claim your free nano credit.


You can get an idea from this website name. yes, you are right this website will give 10 thousand hits. This is amazing. You will get paid package on this website according to your need and also you can get free visitors for your website on the free plan. Just like another website you just have to create your free account and enter your website URL. You can add multiples website to this dashboard and can pause resumes to control visitors. Control and make safe for the PPC program. So don’t delay to claim your free traffic on this website.

Now time to move toward our Number one traffic generator. This is the best traffic generator website I have ever found.


I have reviewed this website multiple times in my Channel. After getting a positive response from viewers I had rank this website at the top of this list. This website will give you 1000 hits per day for free and you can get unlimited hits by using their simple and easy software. You can get unlimited traffic for free of cost. When everyone is running for selling their paid package this website is give you web traffic without any cost. Just like other websites, there is no risk to your Adsense account. Just paste your website URL here and you will get hit every day. You can use this website for youtube views

also. Getthit provides real-time free traffic for your blogs, business websites, online stores, and videos! Improve your metrics with no money involved. You can get the fastest customer service from Getthit. I will personally recommend you to use this traffic source for your website if you are searching free traffic for your website and if you want free YouTube views.


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