.Qqqw Ransomware data recovery Process

Ransomware Virus Usually occurs Due to the click on some illegal and scammer extension or you might have downloaded some crack or patch file while in the installation process you might get an attack so first I want to tell u that this process has no decrypt tool available because last decrypt tool available are of a different tool like Avast, Kaspersky, quick heal or many more decrypt tool but these all tool are updates last in august 2019 so there is no any latest update of this tool. Another thing is this ransomware makes a new extension every week so the problem makes it more decrypt.
now you can just use any strong paid data recovery tool to get your file back. While your photos will be available 99%, Videos with 80% document with 70 % and other files have some chances too.
But your file should be on the local disks D,E,F,G,H,I…….. Etc. except for the local disk C.so it means that there is a low chance to get the file or data from local disk drive C. Now Before going for the recovery option You have to install the new window on your pc Formatting the local disk C. This will remove all the viruses from the computer or laptop. Also, You can use the antivirus to remove but in the future, you may get again the same attack so the format is the best solution. NOW, First Go to the Host to check the Ip address tracked by ransomware for that location – Local disk C/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosted it hosts with notepad and remove the IP address just below the host #1now Run your PC in Safe Boot For that Please open Run Command Use Win+R or search Run Type MSConfig in the run and select the boot option. Now again tick on the safe boot and a bit down check the tick for with network so u will be connected to the internet. Now Download the Stealler data recovery from the below links the WinRAR to extract and use password as tealover Install it copy the file inside the crack folder to the installation c drive location and replace it. Now Run it Your demo should be removed select the format which you want to recover now click on Drive you want to recover and last go for a deep scan and done. Let it be until it completes full scan Now your file will be on Raw folder select it and You are able to Recover. Thank You

Password- tealover

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