How To Reduce Pubg Ping!!

During a Match, You get a high Ping due to which it affects Your Gameplay. High Ping makes a player difficult to play, so to solve it there are many ways to reduce your Ping. After reading this article, I am 100% sure that you will not search How to get low ping in PUBG such Questions in Google.

 # Reduce your Ping: 

I got a High ping which affected my Gameplay a lot. Many kinds of research done and I found a simple way to reduce your Ping. High Ping Issues has been faced by many players during Matches it might be a problem of Player Internet Connection or problem in PUBG Server.

There are altogether six servers in Pubg Mobile:

1. North America

2. South America

3.  Europe

4. Asia

5. Middle East


I will suggest you to always do Matchmaking on the server which shows in Green Ping color. The lesser the value means there are good ping and more enjoyable gameplay which is (20-120)Ms.

  Way to Reduce/ Control Ping Issue: 

1. Use Native Game Booster.

2. Control WiFi Settings.

3. Disable Background Syncing.

4. Try Third-party Tools.

5. Change Server.

6. Manage Space.

7. Repair PUBG.

8. Always Remove Background working apps

  Alternative Way to fix Server Problem: 

– At first check out your Internet Connection if there is a problem in your Internet than tell your ISP to fix it. If your Internet is Good but you are receiving then this Article is for You.

– Sometimes have Good Internet users also receive high Pings which surely gone disturb their gameplay. Those who have no problem with net speed. Then only try this method.

– If You’re Internet Connection is Poor then this method will not be applicable so you need Good Internet.

– Most of PUBG Mobile servers are facing server disconnection Error because any User gets connected in one server for different Matches which makes Server Lag.

– To Reduce Your Ping You need to Download a VPN which will have you to reduce your Ping.

PUBG mobile

  Top 5 Best VPNs for PUBG Mobile: 

 There are many VPN which You can Download such as:

1). Ivacy VPN

2). Pure VPN

3). Express VPN

4). Nord VPN

5). Turbo VPN

After installation of VPN connects it to the country which has its own PUBG server such as India, Indonesia, etc. Then 100% guarantee you will get a Ping around 30-50 ms which will help to fight with enemies. These are the best way to have a Good Ping in PUBG Mobile.

If Your Internet Connection is Poor then this method will not be applicable so you need Good Internet.

If you have poor Internet Connection try this Process:

# reduce Number of Devices Using Wifi  data

# Move Closer to Router

# Replace Your Router with Good one.

# Restart Your Router and Modem.

Choose the closest server in PUBG Mobile: you’ll switch servers in PUBG Mobile. If you’re having a High Ping, you’ll lower your Ping in PUBG Mobile by changing to your nearest server. If you’re an Asian, Asia Server is going to be your nearest, choose Asia within the PUBG Mobile Settings and you’ll not have any Ping issues.


1.  How to reduce ping in pubg mobile in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan? 

Ans: If you are playing PUBG Mobile from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan

than your Average ping must be 80-120 but if you are getting More ping then

# First Check Internet Connection if all Good than

# Connect VPN to Indian Server

2. Why PUBG ping is high in Nepal? 

Ans: As you know Online games have to play in Server of Particular Game company. In Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan there is no Server Located, so the player gets matchmaking in Indonesia Server because of which player gets a high ping.

3. How to reduce ping in pubg mobile emulator? 

Ans: It is the same step for all Pubg gamer it does not matter on which devices are they Playing, Step given above will 100% fix the ping problem.

4. Why my PUBG Ping is so High?? 

Ans: There different reasons to get Ping high. Pings mostly Depend upon the Internet Connection speed low speed than high Ping. If your Internet is Good but also Facing PING high problem than you can use a VPN to connect in the nearby server of PUBG Mobile. Check out which server is located nearby you connect on that country so that you can get Ping 50-90.

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