How to get a Free SSL Certificate for Website

Today I’m going to show you how to get a free SSL certificate for your WordPress website
plus I will cover what it is and why you need it.
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To know all about how to get free SSL for your website watch this video without skipping any of steps.

Youtube Video

Did you know that google will show your website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate as not secure to users in fact this is my website I don’t have an SSL certificate installed and this is what it shows and if you’re like a lot of people when you see something like that it really reduces the trust for that website and so you really want to remove that barrier. Plus google has started to make secure websites more of a ranking factor meaning if you don’t have an SSL certificate on your site then you might not rank as high as you could otherwise so quickly what is an SSL certificate well it’s basically SSL stands for secure socket layer and it just means it’s internet protocol for securing the data that is transferred from the person’s browser who’s viewing your website to the server. So, it completes a secure encryption process so nobody else can see what’s going on so, now that you know a little bit about what it is and why you might need it.

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