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Do you know that there are multiple top-level domains (Free TLDs) that you can buy for free? You do not pay any fee and you get all services like a regular domain you buy at GoDaddy or NameCheap. Registrations for these domains are on the raise. Earlier there was a concern about considering these domains as SPAM. But studies have proved that since 2014, these domains have less spam compared to ‘.COM’ domains. So As part of The Ultimate Guide to Domain Registration series, today in this article we cover how to get free domains?

Note:  Acquiring a free domain does not give you legal rights. Hence do not opt for a free domain for your business or any serious work.

If you observe keenly, you will find the ‘.tk’ domains in third position with more than 21.5 million of them already registered. These are more than any of the top level domain excluding ‘.com’ and ‘.cn’. Apart from being a free domain, there is a story behind why ‘.tk’ domains are so popular. Earlier there were free services that every Facebook or Twitter user could get a .tk domain with the name of their Facebook page or Twitter handle. Anyway, let us see how we can acquire a free domain.

Types of Free Domains available






How to get free domains?

Get Free domains from

You can acquire a free domain from, by after following the steps mentioned below.

Get Free Domains from other Portals

There are multiple portals which look like providing a free domain. But once you enter the domain name, they will direct you website only. So better save time and visit in case you are looking to get a free domain. Are there any hidden charges when I get free domains

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