Class Nine English Important Question

Class-9                                   English

Attempt ALL the questions:

1. Read the poem given and answer the questions given:


What is this life full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to stand beneath the boughs,

And stare as long as sheep or cows.

No time to see, when woods we pass,

Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

No time to see, in broad daylight,

Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,

And watch her feet, how they can dance.

No time to wait till her month can,

A poor life this if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.

– W. H. Davies

A. Find the words from the poem that are synonymous to the following

words: 4 × 0.5 =2

i. look ii. below iii. branches iv. Improve

B. Answer the following questions: 3×1 = 3

i. What’s “a poor life” according to the poet?

ii. Who does ‘we’ in the second line refer to?

iii. What is the message of the poem?

2. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below: 10

A Mother’s Warning

My son Ryan was a typical 17 years old with a typical teenager’s

enthusiasm for life. He played tennis and cricket and enjoyed and sport on

T.V. Tall and lanky with an ever–present grin, he had a wonderful sense

of humour.

About a week before school was due to resume, he wanted to spend a few

days with a friend. We agreed, but urged him to drive carefully. “Don’t

worry, Mom, “he said smiling, as he packed a bag and grabbed the car


At 3: 20 pm. Ryan lost control of the car on a bend. Trying to avoid a

pole, he spun the wheel furiously and the car somersaulted. Police believe

he was speeding. Ryan was rushed to a hospital by helicopter.

A. Answer the following questions: 3×2 = 6

i. What three adjectives does the writer use to describe Ryan in the first


ii. What did Ryan want to do before the school opens?

iii. What was the reason for Ryan to lose control of the car?

B. Decide whether the statement are true or false. 4×1 = 4

i. Ryan was 17 years old man who liked to play tennis.

ii. He had the accident because he was drunk.

iii. Ryan snatched the car keys from him mom.

iv. Ryan had met the accident because of brake fail.

3. Read the following text and do the activities that follow: 10

An Englishman was once travelling in Italy and one day went into a

small restaurant. He wanted to order dinner. He understood very little

Italian and was unable to read the menu. He knew the word eggs and so

the man ordered eggs. Italy is famous, however, for its mushrooms, and so

the man wanted to try some mushroom. The waiter did not speak a word

of English and, therefore, could not help him. At last, the man took out a

piece of paper and a pencil and very carefully drew a picture of a

mushroom on the piece of paper. The waiter looked at the picture of the

mushroom for a long time. He did not understand very well, but at last he

went away. He was absent for a long time. Eventually he returned. Instead

of an order of mushrooms, however, he brought the man a large, back


A. Write ‘True’ for the true statement and ‘False’ for the false ones:

4×0.5 = 2

a. The man went into a restaurant in Italy.

b. He was good at Italian language.

c. He wanted to try mushroom with eggs.

d. The waiter brought mushroom and gave it to the man.

B. Put the following sentences in the correct order: 4×0.5 = 2

a. He wanted to taste some mushroom too.

b. Finally the waiter came up with a large black umbrella.

c. An Englishman visited a small restaurant.

d. He drew a picture of mushroom.

C. Answer the following questions: 3×2 = 6

a. What is Italy famous for?

b. Why did the Englishman draw a picture of mushroom on the paper?

c. Did the waiter understand the drawing? Why/Why not?

4. Read the following text and do the activities that follow: 15


We are looking for some competent teachers having fluency over written

and spoken English for the following positions.

Qualification Required:

1. English teacher: Bachelor’s Degree in related subject

2. Science teacher: Bachelor’s Degree in related subject

3. Social Studies teacher: Bachelor’s Degree in related subject

Preference will be given to those who are energetic, dynamic and

flexible in their work. Interested candidates can apply with a bio-data,

copies of certificates, citizenship, and passport sized photo along with a

covering letter to:

The Montessori House High School Kumaripur, Lalitpur.

Phone No: 5539067, 5523132

A.Match the words in column ‘A’ with their meaning in column ‘B’:4×1=4

Column ‘A’ Column ‘B’

Preference skillful

Required able to adapt

Competent needed

Dynamic priority

B. Complete the following sentences using appropriate words / phrases

from the text: 3×1 = 3

a. The Montessori House High School demands some ____________ .

b. The school is located at____________ .

c. The candidates must have fluency in ___________ and spoken English.

C. Answer the following questions: 4×2 = 8

a. Who has advertised the post?

b. What are the required posts?

c. What are the essential documents to be submitted along with the


d. Mention the inherent qualities in candidates for getting priority?

5. Complete the following dialogue with the correct expressions given in

the box below: 6

Bina : Hi, Bishal. How do you do?

Bishal : Oh, hi _______? What’s that you are taking?

Bina : Oh, _______ . Do you also love reading stories?

Bishal : _______ . Could you lend me this book for a couple of days?

Bina : Sorry Bishal, but _______ . It’s about science.

Bishal : _______? I love reading about the universe.

Bina : Then, _______? Please, do not forget to return it soon, ok?

– It’s story book.

– I will give you another one.

– How do you do?

– Why don’t you take it?

– Oh, is it about the universe.

– Of course. I do.

6. Write a short readable story with the help of the following outlines

and give a suitable title to it: 6

A school boy _______ has bad company _______ learns to smoke

_______ teachers and parents advise him to give up smoking _______

doesn’t listen to them _______ hides and smokes _______ goes to a

doctor _______ knows that he’s suffered from TB _______ becomes

upset _______ regrets badly _______ promises to give up smoking

_______ moral.

7. Write an essay on ‘Travelling in Nepal ‘ in about 200 words using the

clues given below: 12

Introduction _______ Advantages _______ present situation _______


8. Choose and copy the best answers: (Re – writing is not compulsory)

12×0.6 =6

a. I need _______ eraser? I’ve made a mistake. (a / an / the)

b. Hari is so merciful. He is reality true _______ his name. ( by / of / to)

c. I’d rather have tea, _______? (haven’t / wouldn’t / hadn’t)

d. The cost of all articles _______ risen sharply. (has / is / have)

e. The affirmative transformation of ‘the Eskimos didn’t use to go to

schools is: ‘The Eskimos _______ go to school.’

(did used to / used to / used not to)

f. A: _______ to USA?

B: No, I haven’t. (You have been / Have you been / Are you being)

g. While we _______, they interrupted us intentionally.

(danced / had danced/ were dancing)

h. That talkative fellow claims that he _______ several aircraft.

(flying / has flown / are flying)

i. As the row got severe, the police _______ to the spot.

(called / were called / had called)

j. Students are getting well prepared _______ the exam is coming soon.

(although /because /therefore)

k. The curry _______ better, if she added some more salt.

(tasted / would taste / would have tasted)

l. The powerful _______ the weak follow them. (makes / make / get)

9. Choose and copy the best answer.( Rewriting is not compulsory:)

10×0.5 = 5

Humming birds are the smallest _______(of / in / at) all birds and _______

(weigh / are weighing /weighs) less than a penny. The Bee Humming bird, at

barely more than two inches long _______ ( is / are / have) the smallest bird in

the world. Most humming birds are often dazzling combinations of greens and

reds or greens or blues, however, some are violet, orange or other

combinations only _______ (no article / a / the) Mother Nature could dream

up. All of them have long bills to insert _______ (on / onto / into) flowers, so

that they can drink nectar form flowers. _______ (Although / Because / So

that) humming birds are so small they are the only birds that _______ (can be

flown / can fly/are flying) backwards. If you prepare special feeders filled with

sugar water, you _______ (attract /can attract/ have attracted) them to your

yard. It _______ (says /is said/ has said) that humming birds are attracted to

red so it’s wiser to get the feeders _______ (paint / to paint / painted ) bright


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