Class 7 English Important Question

Class: 7

English Reader

  1. Change the active voice into passive voice.                                                                        [5]
  2. She bought a book.
  3. He helped us.
  4. We went to school.
  5. They prayed football.
  6. Ram at mangoes.

  7. Change the sentences as indicated in the brackets.                                                        [5]
  8. He sang a song.                                         (present continuous)
  9. We play football.                                      (present perfect)
  10. Devkota wrote many poems.             (past perfect)
  11. He has done his homework.                               (future continuous)
  12. The hare ran fast.                                    (simple present)

  13. Write down the structure of tense.                                                                                        [10]
  14. Simple past
  15. Present continuous
  16. Simple future
  17. Past perfect
  18. Past perfect continuous

  19. Read the following passage carefully and do the activities that follow.

Until I had finished grade five, I lived in a village in Parbat district with my parents. I did well at school exam. Then I came to live with my uncle and aunt at Pokhara in Kaski and I started grade six in a school. The class was very big. More than a hundred students and I did not know anyone. The boys said rude things to girls. It was hard to concentrate in a class. I did badly in my exam. I sat in room feeling lonely. I wanted friends too but nobody seemed to want me.

  1. Fill in the blanks.                                                                                                                     [5]
  2. The writer ……………………. in his village school exam.
  3. The writer lived in Pokhara with his ……………………. .
  4. The writer …………………….in his new school.
  5. The behavior of the boys to the girls was ……………………. .
  6. The writer made ……………………. in his new school.

  7. Match the following.                                                                                                             [5]
FinishedNot showing respect
RudeFather along with mother
ParentsGive attention
ConcentrateState of being alone
  • Write down the word meanings.                                                                                             [5]

Wrapped,            Virtually,              Cognitively,        Shrine,                 Strategic

  • Match the following.                                                                                                                     [5]
LeopardBest friend
NamabiaWhere Tippy was born
Study of cinemaLa Sorbonne Nouvelle
Tippy HedrenAn American actor
  • Write down the opposite meaning.                                                                                        [5]

Dusk,                     novel,                   predator,             intelligent,          nocturnal

  • Change the following verbs into nouns by adding action.                                             [5]

Continue,            conserve,            explore,               imagine,               transport

  • Answer the following questions.                                                                                             [15]
  • What gift does Tippy think she has?
  • What is Tippy studying now?
  • How many documentaries did she make in Africa?
  • What is the human unique ability?
  • What do you mean by the Circadian rhythm?

  • Write an application letter to your class teacher asking him for sick leave.          [5]

  • Write a short paragraph in importance of education in human life.                         [10]       

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