BLE Exam important question

Class-8                            English

1.    Rewrite the following sentences selecting the correct options.  (5×1=5)

a.    He plays __________the flute very well.  (a, an, the)

b.    Mr. Joshi has been teaching __________ 2040BS. (for, in, since)

c.    Everybody has a mobile phone, __________? (haven’t they, don’t they, hasn’t he)

d.    My sister can dress __________ . (myself, yourself, herself)

e.    Rita failed the exam __________ her stupidity. (in spite of, although, because of)

2.    Change the following sentences as indicated in the brackets. (3×1=3)

a.    They were playing cricket. (into passive voice)

b.    She said to me, “Are you an Australian?” (Into indirect speech)

c.    He comes from Tikapur. (Into where question)

3.    Fill in the blanks with the correct words. (2×1=2)

                    [has, have, will, will have]

a.    We __________ developed our nation by 2085 BS.

b.    Everyday __________ right to education.

4.    Read the passage and do the activities.

Different people have different hobbies. My friend, Sunita Chaudhary, has a hobby of reading books. Sudip Limbu, another classmate, enjoys travelling, and my hobby is gardening. I have developed this hobby from my childhood when I saw my father loving and caring for plants in the garden. Whenever I have spare time, I go to my small garden. I see the little plants grow. I water them. I sow seeds in the field and water them. I have also grown different kinds of flowers such as roses, marigolds, and lilies in my garden. When I look at them, I smile from the heart because they give me great joy. I work with a spade and a hoe every morning and evening in my small garden. I root out the unwanted plants. There are many types of fruit trees as well as vegetables in my garden. I feel very happy to see the fruits, plants and flowers in my garden. Thus, I grow many fruits and vegetables in the garden. I enjoy playing there. It gives me a lot of happiness. Moreover, my hobby keeps me physically fit because of the exercise I do while gardening.

A.   Fill in the blanks with the best alternatives.  (4×0.5=2)

a.    Sunita Chaudhari likes to ___________.

i.              Read books

ii.            Gardening

iii.           Travelling

iv.           Planting

b.    Sudip Limbu’s hobby is _________.

i.              The speaker’s hobby is __________.

ii.            Reading books

iii.           Travelling

iv.           Gardening

c.    The speaker   ______________ in her garden.

i.              Plays

ii.            Cries

iii.           Sleeps

iv.           Quarrels

B.   Find the words that are opposite in meanings. (4×0.5=2)

a.      same

b.      big

c.      sadness

d.      desired 

C.   Answer the following questions. (4×1.5=6)

a.    Who are the friends of the speaker?

b.    Whose hobby is gardening?

c.    What kinds of flowers are there in the garden?

d.    When does the speaker work in the garden?

5.    Read the following news story and do the tasks that follow.

The Bright Post

First Man on the Moon is No More

Soniya Limbu, Kathmandu, Aug 27

On Saturday, August 25, 2012, a true American astronaut lost his life at the age of 82. Neil Armstrong is recalled to have been the first person to bravely leave our world behind and set foot on another.

“We are heartbroken to share the news that Neil Armstrong has passed away from cardiovascular complications”, Armstrong’s family said in a statement. It is reported that Armstrong underwent heart surgery this month.

“While we mourn the loss of a very good man, we also celebrate his remarkable life and hope that it serves as an example to young people around the world to work hard to make their dreams come true, to be willing to explore and push the limits, and to selflessly serve a cause greater than themselves,” his family said.

A.   Fill in the blanks. (4×0.5=2)                     

a.    The name of the Newspaper is __________.

b.    The news story has been published from __________.

c.    The name of the news reporter is __________.

d.    __________ was 82 years old when he passed away.

B.   Match the words in Column A with their meanings in column B. (6×0.5=3)

               Column A                                       Column B

a.    Astronaut                                  (i) related to the heart and blood vessels.

b.    Passed away                             (ii) express grief or sorrow

c.    Cardiovascular                         (iii) noticeable

d.    Mourn                                       (iv) investigate, study or analyze

e.    Remarkable                               (v)  a person who travels in space

f.     Explore                                       (vi) deceased

C.   Answer the following questions. (5×1=5)

a.    What is the news story about?

b.    When did Neil Armstrong die?

c.    What was the cause of Armstrong’s death?

d.    What is Armstrong remembered for?

e.    What inspiration may young people get from Armstrong?

6.    Read the following notice and do the tasks that follow.


This is to notify to all valued general and life members of NELTA that the scheduled programs of its eleventh international conference have been postponed, due to some unforeseen circumstances. The detail information about conference with new schedule will be made available at each branch office of NELTA within two weeks. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused by this recent decision of the Central Executive Committee. 

Nepal English Language Teacher’s Association (NELTA) Central Executive Committee, Maharajgunj, KTM 

A.   Match the words in Column ‘A’ with their meanings in Column ‘B’. (4×0.5=2)
      Column ‘A’                                Column ‘B’

a.    apologize                           (i)  up -to-date / latest

b.    unexpected                      (ii)  discomfort

c.    inconvenience                 (iii)  unforeseen

d.    recent                               (iv)  to say sorry

B.   Answer these questions in short. (4×2=8)

a.    What does NELTA stand for?

b.    Where is the detail information said to be found?

c.    Why has NELTA postponed the scheduled programs?

d.    What two types of members are there in NELTA?

7.    Read the following text and do the tasks that follow. 

The greatest Inventor of all the time was Thomas Alva Edison. He was born on 11th February 1847 at Milan in Ohio State of the USA. His father traded wood, timber and grain. people thought of him as a lazy boy. But, his mother felt that he might become a man of genious. She persuaded him to take interest in science. The boy fitted up a laboratory as he was free from work. He even printed a newspaper. As a boy, young man Edison performed an experiment in the moving trains.  He invented the electric light bulb, the phonograph, the motion picture camera, an electric car and electric power station. He died in 1931.

A.   Match the words or phrases in column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’. (4×0.5=2)
        Column ‘A’                                       Column ‘B’

a.    Birth place of Edison                   (i) Thomas Alva Edison

b.    His father                                      (ii) in the moving trains                                

c.    He performed experiment        (iii) Milan

d.    Greatest inventor                       (iv) traded wood, timber and grain

B.   Fill in the gaps by choosing appropriate words or phrases from the text. (4×0.5=2)

a.    Thomas Alava Edison was the greatest __________.

b.    His mother him __________ to take interest in Science.

c.    He was born in the USA on __________.

d.    People thought that he was__________ boy.

C.   Answer the following questions. (4×1.5=6)

a.    When was Edison born?

b.    What did Edison’s father do?

c.    What are his inventions?

d.    What did he do when he was free from his work?

8.    Complete the following dialogue with the appropriate sentences given below. 5

     Tim:   Henry, what are you doing?

 Henry:    I have been trying to solve this physics problem for the last half hour and________________.

    Tim:    When do you have to turn it in?

 Henry:     _______________________.

    Tim:    Well, it is only Monday ___________________.

Henry:     I have to sign up for it first, I guess I will go and sign up for the Wednesday session tomorrow.

    Tim:    You should re-read the chapter before you show up for the session______________.

Henry:     ____________________.

It is due at the end of this week.

Why don’t you get some after school tutoring tomorrow?

I still have no idea, how to do it.

Ok, I will do that.

It will help you understand the subject matter better.

9.    Write a readable story with the help of the outlines and also give a suitable title. 5

A poor village boy ——— walks door to door for a job ———— find wallet ———– a large amount of money and identity card in it ——— returns the wallet to the owner ——— the owner pleased ———- praises his honesty ———- gives him a good job ——– moral.

10. Write an essay on ‘Importance of Games and Sports’. 15


Write a letter to your brother telling him about the harmful effects of Junk Food on our health. 

Class: IX                                                                    Subject: English             

Students are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. Credit shall be given to such creative, logical, clean and neatly furnished expressions, not rote learning.

1.   Read the following poem and do the activities:

When I get out            Two: paws

      I am going to ask someone     The first four years of paws

      to touch me     every day

      very gently please       patting paws, searching

      and slowly       – arms up, shoes off

      touch me         leg apart –

      I want to learn again   prodding paws, systematic

      how life feels. heavy, indifferent

                  probing away all privacy

      I’ve not been touched

      for seven years            I don’t want fist and paws

      for seven years            I want

      I’ve been untouched    to want to be touched again

      out of touch    and to touch

      and I have learnt         I want to feel alive again

      to know now   I want to say when I get out

      the meaning of untouchable    “Here I am,

                  please touch me!”

      Untouched – not quite           

      I can count the things – Hugh Lewin

      that have touched me 

      One: fists

      At the beginning        

      fierce, mad fists         

      beating, beating          

      till I remember screaming,      

      “Don’t touch me,        

      please don’t touch me!”           (Contd…….)

A.  Choose the correct words from the given options:       [4 × 0.5 = 2]

a)   The poet wrote this poem in __________.

i)    the hospital            ii)         the garden       iii)        prison

b)   The poem explores the theme of ________.

i)    racial segregation existing in South Africa

ii)   social segregation existing in South Africa

iii)  economic disparity

c)   The phrase ‘probing away all privacy’ suggests that _______.

i)    he was well behaved

ii)   he was inhumanly treated

iii)  he was beaten hard

d)   The author’s protest against apartheid state is ____________.

i)    too aggressive       ii)         too violent       iii)        peaceful

B.  Answer the following questions:            [3 × 1 = 3]

a)   Does the author belong to White or Black? What makes you think so?

b)   How has the poet learnt the meaning of untouchability?

c)   Why does the poet, unlike in the first verse, ask someone not to touch him in the third verse?

2.   Read the following passage and do the activities that follow:

Paracetamol is a common analgesic and antipyretic drug that is used for the fever, headaches and other minor aches and pains. Paracetamol is also useful in managing more severe pain, allowing lower dosages of additional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to be used. These may minimize over all side-effects. It is a major ingredient in numerous cold and flu medication, as well as many prescription analgesics. It is considered safe for human use in recommended doses, but because of its availability, deliberate or accidental overdoses are fairly common.

It is available in different trade names like Cetamol, Pandol (Europe, Africa, Central America & Asia), Tylenol, Datriol (Africa), Niko, etc. It is commonly administered in tablet, liquid suspension (esp for children), suppository, intravenous and intramuscular form.


The common adult dose is 500 mg to 1000 mg. The recommended daily dose for adult is 4 grams. In recommended dose Paracetamol is safe for children and infants as well as for adults. It is also safe in pregnancy. In other words, in recommended does Paracetamol does not irritate the lining of the stomach, affect blood coagulation or affect the function of the kidneys, etc. However, some studies have shown that high usage (greater than 2000 mg per day) does increase the risk of upper gastrointestinal complications.

A.  Find the words from the passage which are similar in meaning to the following words/phrases:   [4 × 0.5 = 2]

i)    suggested        ii)         painkiller

iii)  a drug used to reduce or prevent fever           iv)        taken

B.  Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements:            [4 × 0.5 = 2]

i)    Paracetamol is only used for fever and headache.

ii)   The common adult dose of Paracetamol is 500 mg to 1000 mg.

iii)  Paracetamol is not safe for pregnant woman.

iv)  High usage of Paracetamol increases the risk of upper gastrointestinal complications.

C.  Answer the following questions:            [3 × 2 = 6]

i)    What is Paracetamol used for?

ii)   What are the common forms of Paracetamol?

iii)  What is the recommended daily dose for adult of Paracetamol?

3.   Read the following passage very carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Civilisation is a characteristic of human societies. In its crudest form it is the characteristic which differentiates what anthropologists call ‘advanced’ from what they call ‘low’ or ‘backward’ societies. The first step towards civilisation is the correcting of instinct by reason – that is to say human being can correct his behaviour by applying his knowledge and wisdom, which is not found in animal kingdom. Animals cannot correct their instinct by reason – this is the fundamental thing which separates human beings from others.


Civilisation is something artificial and unnatural. To put it another way, using a spoon instead of hands at a dinner table is unnatural or artificial; a child born naked wrapped in clothes is unnatural. Therefore, civilisation is a move from natural to unnatural; from reality to falsity.

Civilisation, a quest for the best, grows from Apollonian instinct. Apollo, in Greek Myth, is a god of light, reason, calm and order. Apollonian societies always endeavour to achieve the ‘highest good’. On the other hand, Dionysius societies have the reverse experience.

A taste for truth and beauty, tolerance, intellectual honesty, a dislike for vulgarity, freedom from superstition and prudery, and many other good qualities achieved through the strenuous exercise of mental faculty form the bedrock of any human civilisation.

A.  Match the following:       [4 × 0.5 = 2]

i)    Apollo arduous

ii)   Dionysius        knowledge

iii)  Strenuous        order

iv)  Reason            disorder

B.  Place ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false against the following sentences:   [4 × 0.5 = 2]

i)    The first step towards civilisation is to correct instinct by reason.

ii)   Civilisation is literally a natural phenomenon.

iii)  Animals, like human beings, can correct their instinct.

iv)  Civilisation is the result of Apollonian instinct.

C.  Answer the following questions:            [3 × 2 = 6]

i)    What is the bedrock of civilisation?

ii)   What is the first attempt towards civilisation?

iii)  Why do Apollonian societies value god Apollo?


4.   Read the advertisement and do the activities that follow:


Meridian International, an umbrella organisation working in the field of education, is looking for qualified, dynamic and result-oriented candidates for its Sister institutions – Bouddha Meridian School newly established in Jorpati and Meridian International School well established in Baluwatar. The following posts are lying vacant here. Any Nepali national willing to join us may apply to under mentioned address within 15 days satisfying the following terms and conditions:

Nature of Posts:

∙     HOD of English – 1

∙     HOD of Science – 1

∙     English Teacher Secondary Level – 1

∙     Math Teacher Secondary Level – 1

∙     Grade Teachers – 10

∙     Receptionists – 3


For the post of HOD Master’s Degree in related stream is required along with 5 years experience. Similarly, for the post of Secondary Level Teacher, Bachelor or Masters (preferable) is needed in related subjects with 3 years experience. Bachelor Degree in any stream is required for the post of Grade Teachers. B.B.A. is must for the post of Receptionist.

∙     Fluency in both spoken and written English is mandatory for all.

∙     The candidates must be fully well acquainted with the manipulation of smart board, projector, etc.

∙     Computer proficiency is must for all in their related fields.

∙     Remuneration and other perks: as per the school rule

∙     Probation: 6 months

∙     Duty station: Either (Jorpati or Baluwatar)

Only short listed candidates shall be called for the interview.

Application should reach to the following address along with CV and passport size photograph.

The Administration Department

Meridian International

Baluwatar, Kathmandu

P.O. Box: 4111     (Contd…….)

A.  Find the words from the text as indicated in the brackets:         [4×1=4]

i)    familiar with (similar word)     ii)         incompetence (opposite word)

iii)  trial period (single word)          iv)        salary (similar word)

B.   Fill in the blanks with appropriate words or phrases from the given text:        [3 × 1 = 3]

i)    Salary and perks are __________.

ii)   The academic qualification for English HOD is _________.

iii)  Computer skill is _________.

C.  Answer the following question.    [4 × 2 = 8]

i)    Which company has advertised for the posts?

ii)   What are the things to be submitted with the applications?

iii)  Where will be the selected candidates assigned to?

iv)  Besides their major academic qualification, what should the candidates possess?

5.   Construct a readable story from the given outlines: [6]

      Two friends buy parrots ___ one parrot in the habit of cursing and swearing ___ other recites verses of a Holy Book ___ the first friend worried ___ decides to move his parrot to the other cage ___ hopes it will learn from the parrot nice words ___ but the other parrot picks the bad words ___ moral.

6.   Complete the following dialogue with choosing the correct options from the given box:    [6 × 1 = 6]

Class teacher:–    Excuse me, sir. Let’s start our business.

Guardian:–          OK sir, _______________

Class teacher:–    We have rarely sometime to talk about children.

Guardian:–          ______________________

Class teacher:–    If your children are not good, what’s ___________?

Guardian:–          Whether they are good or bad, we have to feed them and manage everything for them.

Class teacher:–    ____________ but they should be watched carefully. Have you ever thought who his friends are and how he behaves in school and home?

Guardian:–          I think ______________

Class teacher:–    If you are unable to watch your only one son, ______

Guardian:–          I’m really sorry, sir. I was wrong. I thought my duty was to send my son to school.


∙        You may be right.

∙        I’m also in a hurry.

∙        How can we look after so many students of our school?

∙        The use of the money

∙        We have to go to work to earn for our children.

∙        It’s your duty to watch them and inform us timely.

7.   Write an essay on “Travelling Broadens the Mind” in about two hundred words:       [12]

      Introduction ___ modes of travelling ___ travelling in ancient time ___ now ___ advantages ___ conclusion

8.   Rewrite the following sentences choosing the best alternatives given in the brackets:   [12 × 0.5 = 6] 

a)   John is _______ European student.          (a, an, the)

b)   He is accustomed _______ having ten hours rest.            (on, by, to)

c)   Nobody loves silly acts, _______?           (does he, do they, don’t they)

d)   The poet and dramatist __________ honoured.   (is, are)

e)   He is the student of class IX and so _______ I.  (is, do, am)

f)   Is there _____ wrong with Rahul?           (something, nothing, anything)

g)   The foreign diplomats _______ by the next week in Kathmandu.

(will have arrived, will be arriving, will arrive)

h)   The doctor said, ‘Don’t smoke’. The reported form of it is:

      The doctor ___________.

(told not to smoke, warned not to smoke, advised not to smoke)

i)    Everybody loves animals. Its passive form is: ________________

(Animals are loved by everybody, Animals are loved by all,

Animals are loved by people)

j)    __________ hard he tries, he can’t get success.

(Therefore, However, Although)

k)   Provided that my expenses are paid, I ___________ go for picnic.

(will go, should go, would go)

l)    Hari _________ his teacher to mark the copy.     (makes, gets, get)


9.   Rewrite the following text choosing the word from the given brackets:  [10 × 0.5 = 5]

      Once _____ (a, the, ×) fisherman was sitting near a seashore under the shadow of a tree. Suddenly a rich man approached him and enquired as to why _____ (he is sitting, he was sitting, he sits) under the tree smoking beedi and not working. To this the poor fisherman replied that _____ (he had caught, has caught, caught) enough fishes for that day. Hearing this, the rich man got furious and said, ‘Why don’t you catch more fishes instead of sitting lazily wasting your time?’ ‘Time and tide _____ (waits, wait, is waiting) for none, you know’, added he. ‘You seem lethargic, _____?’ (aren’t you, don’t you, didn’t you) The fisherman asked, ‘What would I do by catching more fishes?’ The man replied, ‘You catch more fishes, and earn more money, and buy a bigger boat. If I were you, I _____ (would not, will not, couldn’t) sit idly like you.’ The fisherman questioned, ‘What would I do then?’ The man said, ‘You could go fishing in deep waters, and catch more fishes and earn more money.’ The fisherman asked, ‘What would I do then?’ ‘You could become a rich man like me’ said he. ‘See! _____ (Therefore, Though, Although) I’m rich, I work even harder’, said the man. ‘And then what would I do?’ interrogated the fisherman. The man said, ‘You’ll have grand building like mine, and servants to make them _____ (work, worked, to work), and listen mellifluous music _____ (sing, sung, sang) by the great singer. This is the way to enjoy your life.’ The fisherman, meanwhile, snapped back, ‘What do you think I’m doing right now?’

      We don’t need to wait for tomorrow to enjoy life to the fullest. We don’t even need to be rich. Life is here and how – this is what the small text conveys ________ (to, with, into) us.

***THE END***



Marking Scheme

Class: IX        Subject: English        F.M.: 75

Time: 2 hours 15 mins.                     P.M.: 24

1.   Carries 5 marks which is subdivided as:

A.  Carries 2 marks; 0.5 marks for each correct answer:


i)    c          ii)         a          iii)        b          iv)        c

B.  Carries 3 marks; 1 mark for correct/relevant answer:


i)    The author belongs to white, though it seems he belongs black. He is in favour of black and against apartheid.

ii)   He was not touched for seven years; he learnt what untouchability is.

iii)  ……………….. because physically he doesn’t want to be tortured.

2.   Carries 10 marks which is subdivided as:

A.  Carries 2 marks; 0.5 marks for each correct answer:


i)    recommended ii)         analgesic

iii)  antipyretic       iv)        administered

B.  Carries 2 marks; 0.5 marks for each correct answer:


i)    F          ii)         T          iii)        F          iv)        T

C.  Carries 6 marks; 2 marks for each correct answer:


i)    ……………….. for fever, headaches, etc.

ii)   ……………….. difference forms like liquid, suspension, tablet, intravenous and intramuscular.

iii)  ……………….. 500 mg to 1000 mg.

3.   Carries 10 marks which is subdivided as:

A.  Carries 2 marks; 0.5 marks for each correct answer:


i)    order    ii)         disorder

iii)  arduous           iv)        knowledge

B.  Carries 2 marks; 0.5 marks for each correct answer:


i)    T          ii)         F          iii)        F          iv)        T

C.  Carries 6 marks; 2 marks for each correct answer:


i)    ……………….. a taste for truth and beauty, intellectual honesty are the bedrock of civilization.

ii)   ……………….. correct the instinct by person.

iii)  ……………….. because it is the god light and reason.

4.   Carries 15 marks which is subdivided as:

A.  Carries 4 marks; 1 mark for each correct answer:


i)    acquainted with          ii)         qualified

iii)  probation         iv)        remuneration

B.  Carries 3 marks; 1 mark for each correct answer:


i)    as per the school rule

ii)   master degree in related field

iii)  mandatory

C.  Carries 8 marks; 2 marks for each correct answer:


i)    Meridian International ………………..

ii)   ……………….. The Administration Department.

iii)  ……………….. either Jorpati or Baluwatar.

iv)  ……………….. familiar with the modern technology applicable in the education field.

5.   Carries 6 marks; 6 marks for developing the story i.e.

Organization – 1

Correctness – 2

Title & moral – 1

Context – 2

6.   Carries 6 marks; 1 mark for each correct filling:


G               :     I’m also in a hurry

G               :     We have to go work to earn for our children.

C.T.           :     The use of money.

C.T.           :     You may be right.

G               :     It’s your duty to watch them and inform us timely.

C.T.           :     How can we look after so many students of our school?

7.   Carries 12 marks; 12 marks will be awarded as:

Context – 4

Correctness – 4

Coherence/Organization – 2

Style/Originality – 2

8.   Carries 6 marks; 0.5 marks for each correct answer:

a)   an  b)         to

c)   do they      d)         is

e)   an  f)         anything

g)   will have arrived   h)         the doctor advised not to smoke

i)    Animals are loved by all   j)          However

k)   will go       l)          gets

9.   Carries 5 marks; 0.5 mark for each correct answer:


a,   he was sitting, had caught,     waits,

aren’t you, should not,      Although,        work,

sunny,        to

***THE END***

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